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Welcome to the Six Eleven Theatre Company

Dedicated to telling you stories aimed squarely at your GUT. Come and see.

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Let's get intimate.

Upcoming. . .


Part 2

🎃Greetings Ghouls,


The Six Eleven Theatre Company would like to cordially invite you to submit your own scary, disturbing, disgusting, hilarious, and/or eerie stories to be part of our upcoming original show this October!


These stories should be written but will ultimately be spoken aloud, like a monologue. Think stories you hear around a campfire that make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.😱


😈The Devil is in the Details:

  • 3-8 minutes in length

  • Stories must be submitted by JUNE 29

  • Please include your name and the title of your story

  • Only a select number of stories will be chosen to be part of the show (via a blind review process by a story selection committee)

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