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Directed by Katie Sullivan

Produced by Alli Menninger

Designed by Troy Cronkright

Script Supervised by Richard Bronson

Stage Managed by Joe Franke

Original Music by Trevor Knickerbocker


FRESH PRINTS written and performed by Alli Menninger

BUS BUDDY performed by Tyler Prinz, written by Madeleine Bohn

JAR performed by Zack Pedica, written by Richard Bronson

CLAWS written and performed by Anna Cosens-Hall

TATTOO written and performed by Troy Cronkright

I HOPE THIS IS A NIGHTMARE written and performed by Katie Sullivan

FLASHLIGHT written and performed by Madeleine Bohn

CRUMPLE written and performed by Richard Bronson

LOCK THE DOOR TWICE written and performed by Rebekah Trombley

DEAD STICK performed by Lucas Cosens-Hall, written by Richard Bronson


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