611 History

611 South Main Street was a nearly dilapidated and barely rentable house in an old boring college town. It was filled with creaks, with drafts, with the occasional bat, and eventually with four fledgling theatre students.


Each came from a different artistic background but found that what they shared was a desire to create RAW and passionate work. But the population of the house was also largely made up of strays: beautiful, driven, talented weirdos who poured through our perpetually unlocked doors. They inspired us, challenged us, always came out to play, and became our honorary roommates and artistic soulmates.


611 became a hub for all things art, and everyone who wanted to make something REAL was invited in.  They performed slam poetry in the dining room. They rehearsed scenes from plays in the backyard. They lent the house to student filmmakers to film feature length movies. They held improvised song performances on the back porch.  All have since graduated college and have left that sleepy college town, but after leaving they realized that 611 is more than a house: it is a culture.


Now 611 strives to bring that culture to everyone willing to embrace it. To everyone who has an idea, who wants to work, who feels DIFFERENT, we organize workshops and dedicate our shows to you. We still want to spread the love for work that is raw, real, and different. Welcome to the Six Eleven Theatre Company—everyone is invited.

Founding Company Members

Company Members

Aritistic Director: Keeley Stanley

Associate Artistic Director: Richard Bronson

Company Manager: Aaron Fent


Founding Memebers

Troy Cronkright, Dave Giles, Alli Menninger, Josh Schiefer, Katie Sullivan, Alex Cabala, Lucas Cosens, Colton Ranguette