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611 Chicago

Written by Lauren Gunderson

Directed by Rich Bronson

Nan has decided to teach her abusive husband Kyle a lesson. With the help of her friend Simon (acting as her emotional -- and actual -- cheerleader) and a stripper named Sweetheart, she tapes Kyle to a chair and forces him to watch as they reenacts scenes from their painful past. In the piece de resistance, they plan to cover the room in meat and honey so Kyle will be mauled by a bear. Through this night of emotional trials and ridiculous theatrics, Nan and Kyle are both freed from their past in this smart, dark revenge comedy.


"If the Coen Brothers decided to set a feminist revenge tale in Atlanta and sprinkle it with Dixie Chicks pixie dust, it might look something like Exit, Pursued by a Bear, a raucous comedy of friendship, domestic abuse, and performance-as-catharsis."

- ArtsCritic Atlanta

August 5th & 6th, 12th & 13th at 7:30PM

 August 7th & 14th at 3:00PM

The Den - Theatre 2B


Red Chairs


A Chicago native and 611 founder, Richard has an extensive history in acting, directing, Narrative Theatre, writing, and slam poetry. An award winning competitive slam poet, Richard created/wrote a collaboration-based slam poetry show titled The Unsaid while receiving his BFA in Theatre and Interpretation from Central Michigan University. In addition to his slam poems, he produced several Narrative Theatre pieces as well as acted/directed in his own adaptation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Richard’s ear for music has also allowed him to sound design for several theatre shows. He is a queer actor/writer/director currently living and working in Chicago.



Madeleine Bohn


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Lucas Cosens-Hall



Zack Pedica


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Allie Jackson